Weekend/Holiday Coverage

We do not have regular clinic hours on weekends. However, appointments can be scheduled when necessary, such as specific timed labs or inseminations. The clinic may be closed for some holidays. If it appears you may need clinic services during closed holidays, we may not be able to start your cycle and will have you return with your next period to restart a new cycle. To help us serve you better and to ensure we will have staff and providers at the clinic, we ask that you assist us with the following:

1. Once your clinician determines that you need an appointment on the weekend, we will have you schedule the appointment

2. If you are already scheduled for an appointment and need to cancel, please call the 952-806-0011 by NOON the day before your scheduled appointment.

3. If you are doing LH testing and your LH test is positive, (please remember to test before 12 noon), you will need an insemination the next morning. Please call 952-806-0011 and let the on-call physician know that you will need to be seen the next morning for an insemination.

Please remember…baseline ultrasounds are not done on Saturday or Sunday.