Infertility Treatment Costs

The cost of infertility treatment varies depending on the type of medications used and the extent of monitoring (e.g. ultrasounds and labs). We would like to help you get pregnant as cost effectively and quickly as possible.
Listed below are the approximate prices for most of our infertility procedures and tests.

The extent of coverage by insurance varies with insurance companies, so we encourage you to examine your policy to see what is covered. Some insurance plans require preauthorization and cover only a limited number of cycles and inseminations. Providing this information to us will help us to craft the most cost effective approach to your infertility treatment. Thank you.

Initial Infertility Consult: $232.00
(Depending on length of consult)

Subsequent Office Visits: $156.00
(Depending on length of consult)

Procedures (additional office visit charges may apply):

Ultrasound: 76857-$230.00
Intrauterine Inseminations: 58322-$196.00 58323-$41.00 Total=$237.00
Endometrial Biopsy: 58100-$250.00 Handling Fee: 99000-$12.00
Pathology: 88305-$240.00
Hysterosalpingogram: 58340-$290.00 (+Radiology Fees) Hospital $389.00 Surgery Center


FSH: 83001-$57.00
Estradiol: 82670-$75.00
Progesterone: 84144-$62.00
Ureaplasma Culture: 87109-$50.00
LH: 83002-$60.00
Serum Testosterone: 84402-$75.00
DHEAS: 82627-$66.00
TSH: 84443-$48.00
Prolactin: 84146-$57.00
Collection and Handling Fee: 99000-$12.00
Venipuncture Fee: 36415-$12.00

*Prices are subject to change at anytime. The above is only an approximate for infertility
procedures and tests.