Infertility Program Hours & Scheduling

Fertility patients are seen beginning at 7:30am on weekdays and 8:00am on weekends. Occasionally, we may have a later start time for infertility due to clinic operations. Appointments can be made by calling the clinic at 952-806-0011 during normal office hours M-F (8am-5pm).

Common Questions:

Can I come in for a baseline ultrasounds and cycle start on weekends?

We DO NOT do cycle start or baseline scans on weekends. If you believe that you are going to start your period on Friday or during the weekend (such that day 3 would occur on Saturday or Sunday) call the office and schedule an appointment for the following Monday.

Who do I call if I need to be seen during the weekend and I am not scheduled for an appointment? (Ex: If I have an LH surge and need an insemination)

  • Please try to anticipate and schedule appointments if possible. If you need to be seen on a weekend and you are not already scheduled, please call 952-806-0011 and speak with the on-call physician.

If I have questions about my infertility treatment, whom do I call?

  • During normal office hours on weekdays you can call the regular office number 952-806-0011 and leave a message for Cindy or Teri (our infertility nurse practitioners). You will be called back as quickly as possible. Please call as early in the day as possible to help us return your call promptly.

If at anytime you feel that you have an urgent question that needs to be addressed please call 952-806-0011 during office hours. After hours and on weekends, you can reach the on-call physician by calling (952) 806-0011 and you will be routed to the answering service. If necessary, go to the Emergency Room.

Can I have my ultrasounds and lab work done at the downtown office?

  •  All ultrasounds and lab work are done only at the Edina office. Labs drawn at the downtown location may result in delayed results and notification of test results. Usually, labs drawn during the infertility treatment cycle will determine the next part of your plan so it’s important to get results