Teresa Pattison, WHCNP


University of Minnesota, B.S. in Anthropology
Registered Nurse, St. Catherine
Nurse Practitioner Certification, Planned Parenthood


Started with Associates in Women’s Health



Biography/Personal Interests

Teresa Pattison didn’t set out to become a nurse practitioner, instead studying anthropology in college. But after a four-month stay in Africa, she was inspired to become a nurse. After becoming an RN, Teresa set her sights on becoming a nurse practitioner in OB/GYN.

Says Teresa, “In nursing school, my OB rotation was the most exciting for me. After one year on a general medical floor at United Hospital, I was able to transfer to one of its OB units.”

Teresa has studied in Spain, taught English in Tanzania, and knows a few words of Swahili.


“This is a very compassionate clinic that truly focuses on and cares about its patients. The staff is very welcoming and caring. People here seem to go the extra mile to take care of patients.”